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The music created are productions or reproductions made from software FLStudio, LéZardo (c) Alain Figuères.  Authorized loops are used, but copyright may be present despite vigilance. In this case : All the original contributions on this page remain the property of their respective authors. And in case of problem, you can contact with me since the contact page.

Personal Performance in Radio Art :

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Tube Microphone in Studio
Audio Equipment

I suggest you explore radio waves and frequency ranges.. Radio art suggests exploring the radio medium for artistic or creative purposes, using radio media to produce artifacts. Sound effects, silence, interference to attract your imagination. Radio art, produced at a distance, invisible and yet interactive, is shared by and for a large number of individuals. The waves are blurring, there is interference, art is in movement between you and me and matter, the invisible and the audible ; Looking for discussions that are carried by the airwaves. Live the experience with the sound recording above.... by LéZardo (c) Alain Figuères.